KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Welcome to Texas! Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas panhandle, its main airport was renamed Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport after Rick Husband , the astronaut, who was born in Amarillo and died in the Columbia Space Shuttle crash STS 07, in 2003.
KAMA operates with around 300,000+ passengers a year, and had a $50 million terminal renovation in 2011.

This superbly detailed recreation of KAMA includes:
• 1ft/pix photoscenery of the airport and surrounding area
• Corrected landclasses of the area around the airport
• The whole airport recreated in fantastic detail
• 100s of custom buildings
• Custom static vehicles and objects
• Baked Ambient occlusion on many buildings and ground textures
• Baked night lighting
• SODE jetways
• Performance optimised with LODS and combined textures
Please note:
• The airport does not include the aircraft seen at the terminal in the product images; please use a traffic add-on program.
• This airport requires user activation.