KHOU Activation Guide Prepar3D v2, v3, v4

Here are the easy steps to activating SXAD HOBBY in FSX and FSX Steam Edition:

After running the installer and selecting the simulator version you wish to install into, run the simulator and…

  1. Press left-ALT, which will bring up the taskbar.
  2. Select “World” > “Scenery Library”
  3. Click “Add Area”
  4. Open the “SXAD” folder and highlight “SXAD HOBBY”
  5. Press “OK”, and “OK” again, to load the scenery into your simulators activated scenery list.
  6. Generally with Prepar3D it’s a good idea to close your simulator after it has loaded, then restart after it has finished closing FSUPIC etc in the background (usually less than a minute, as I have noticed performance issues and graphical problems occasionally if this is not done.
  7. Houston Hobby is ready to use!