El Paso International Airport KELP


Welcome to SXAD’s El Paso International airport for Prepar3D v4/5!
What is now El Paso International Airport was built in 1929 as a transcontinental mail airport. It has been developed significantly since, and currently has seven airlines offering flights to over 20 destinations and serves approximately 3 million passengers per year. Additionally, a large cargo hub is situated to the NorthEast, South of the threshold to runway 22 , from which several cargo airlines operate from.

SXAD’s Rendition here includes:

  • El paso international airport recreated in stunning detail with PBR textures
  • Custom Dynamic lighting on the terminal, Cargo Hub and most GA hangars
  • Baked lighting on most buildings and ground textures
  • Detailed ground polygons with PBR textures
  • SODE animated Jetways
  • Accurate custom 3D approach lighting on 22 and 26L
  • A detailed 1ft/pix ortho-imagery of El Paso International
  • A huge area of 2ft/pix ortho-imagery including the surrounding area and Biggs Field (KBIF)
  • The entire area populated with custom made buildings

Please note:

  • Product images show Prepar3D v5 with EA enabled
  • Product images contain 3rd party airline traffic 
  • Product images show blending of ortho-imagery with DEFAULT Prepar3D landclass textures, for ortho-imagery blending with Global Landclasses a free download is included.